To the moon and All Her Phases

To the moon and All Her Phases

Tonight is the Harvest moon - two days before the Autumnal equinox.
Why a Harvest moon? This time of year, the moonrise nearly coincides with sunset. Rising in full brightness just after sunset and more time for the farmers to harvest in her silvery light.

Full moons especially bring wonder and awe as they light up the night sky, bringing about rituals and ceremonies to honor the illuminated Luna.

I don’t know about you, but the only thing I’ve every really been consistent with is being inconsistent.

It’s been a struggle my entire life. Finding focus, instead of surfing phases and drowning in distractions. Then, I think about the moon. Her phases; from dim to light to soft and bright. Some days illuminating with glory, others, hiding in the shadows and behind the safety of the clouds. I feel like that moon.

Some of us bounce around. Some of us find stillness and roots.
Some days I feel more whole than others, just like the moon. 

Consistency is a practice. Like most things in life. 
What will always be consistent is the moon and her phases.

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