What is Self-Care? ....and what it isn't.


Self-Care; The act of taking care of yourself. Sounds obvious, right?

The WHO defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider”.

I find that definition rather clinical and broad. 

"Self-care" has been around since the 60's and 70's (technically way before that but for brevity let's start at the 1960's). Then, for women of color, it was a radical antidote to oppressive conditions. The concept, initially championed in the late 80's as a radical feminist protest by Audre Lorde,  overtime somehow watered down into the rich white soccer mom's anthem claiming their right to "me time" as they reached for a martini and a massage. 


Self-care is not a series of round up posts. 

Self-care is not self-improvement. 

Self-care is not all the articles and social media posts pandering self-care routines, morning routines, and evening routines. It is not the celebrity and influencer blogs offering out-of-touch, non-professional advice.

Self-care, and wellness for that matter, is not and should never be a capitalist commodity. It is not appropriating other cultures for your own convenience, but rather respecting. honoring and learning from a culture's ancient wisdom.

Self-care is spiritual, deeply personal and as individual as our fingerprints, and not a one-size-fits-all fix.

Self-care is reconnecting to ourselves, to the wildness of our souls, it is being grounded to our earth and connected to our loved ones. Those are things, no amount of money can buy. 


Image: Unsplash by Aditya Saxena



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