Good Begins With A Spark

Feel good about your choices.

Feel good about the little things.

Feel good about indulging.

Feel good about being you.

We all want to make better choices - for ourselves, our families, and for our environment.
In the real world, making those choices everyday, well, that's not easy to do. Most of us are doing the best we can with where we're at. 

We don't believe self-care is about expensive yoga pants, Mercury-in-retrograde, or an altar filled with crystals. We don’t care if you’re not vegan or vegetarian....or if you are. 

We're about self-care but, more importantly, we're about self-love. 
You shouldn't have to improve who you already are (you are already a beautiful and perfect human).
Let's live more of those moments that spark calm, joy, inspiration, kindness, laughter.
You know, those moments that make you feel good.

My Story

Honestly, I wasn't always into wellness. My mom was for sure. She drank Chinese herbal teas, did yoga and always tried to make my dad and I eat healthy. This was in the 80s and 90s when it wasn't so cool or mainstream.

Growing up, as a family we hiked, went camping a lot, and took many road trips around the American West. Oh, yeah and I was born with a heart condition.
That never deterred my parents, or caused them to shelter me, thankfully. We still adventured and explored. It wasn't until I was much older did I realize that I don't have the most conventional childhood memories. Grateful for the stories I can still remember; like gold panning in some random river, white water rafting when I was 5 or 6 years old, jumping out of a moving car at night on the side of the highway (my dad thought the car was going to catch fire), and talking to truckers on the CB radio.

As I got older - and maybe wiser? I discovered yoga for myself and loved it! While I still don't practice regularly (I have issues with consistency) it's something I come back to often. I started eating better, for the most part, and becoming more aware of ingredients in the products we used, how they affect us and the environment. I realized that wellness and self-care isn't only for those who consistently practice a healthy lifestyle or are immersed into new age practices; Which is the common narrative out there. Wellness is for everyone, in whatever capacity they can. My upbringing taught me that not only can things can be done differently, they should be.


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To ensure self-care and wellness is more about feeling good about your choices, and less about improving what's already beautiful.


Everyone everywhere, regardless of who they are or their station in life, have access to the self-care and wellness tools they need to feel good.


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A united community uplifts us, makes us more connected and therefore stronger. As a community of humans, our goal is to spread kindness and spark goodness where it's most needed, including within ourselves.

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to Everyone needs to feel a sense of empowerment over their own lives. Not all do. By providing an inclusive platform to support, artists and independent brands, we are providing a source of living-wage income. An income, that is empowering, and is returned to their communities; through commerce, sourcing of goods & materials, or even community programs.

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Connection To Nature

Without nature, we do not heal. It is important we both honor that connection and make an effort to preserve nature. We seek products made not only with love but with love for our environment. As a company, we are committed to continually making choices to serve that value better.