Feel Good About Your Choices

Good Spark exists as a way to bridge the gap between creativity and our wellness / self-care practices.  

We are natural beings that, through our modern daily lives, have become extracted from nature - from the way eat to the products we use. 

It's time we find our way back to nature; embracing small but more moments calm and peace. 

Let’s support sustainable consumer practices for not only our wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of our Mother Earth. 

Handmade, handcrafted or artisanal our products are all human-made from hands filled with love and full of heart. 

100% handmade soap bar


Closer To Nature

A wellness and self-care journey begins with a connection to nature. 
Our mission is to help enhance that journey through sustainably handcrafted and all natural products.


🌱 All products are handmade by small independent brands in the U.S.A. 

🌱  Emphasis on natural materials with minimal packaging. 

🌱 Contributing to the normalization of more sustainable practices.



Connection is the unseen thread tying us to nature, to our fellow humans and to our community. Connection is the common fabric of who we are and why we exist.

Environmental Consciousness

Sustainability is a priority. We seek products made not only with love, but with love for our environment. As a company, we are committed to continually reducing our footprint. 


Through a curated handcrafted collection, and the stories of those who made them, we aim to inspire, encourage and motivate.  Our stories and journeys can inspire change and progress.


As I've gotten older, the disconnect from nature was not so obvious. Slowly, slowly experience and age changed the way I viewed how we live in our modern lives. Our modern lives are harried, distracted and moving at a warp speed pace. No wonder self-care and wellness is a booming industry. We need something to cope with the unnatural way we live our modern lives. 
We are dependent on synthetic, factory-made goods for nearly all of our needs. We eat processed food out of convenience, and probably laziness. We live in cars and public transportation to get from point A to point B.

For the longest time, I accepted this way of life simply as how we lived as modern adults.
But now, I realize we need to work toward changing that.  Let's bring nature back into our lives.
Nourish our souls with good food, and good products that are connected or rooted in nature. Made out of creative love, not from corporate decided supply and demand. 

The soles of our feet need to know the soft tickle of earth against them. As if it were a familiar friend not a strange sensation.

And it's a lifestyle change that, for most of us - including myself, will take small steps to achieve, for sure.  

So, how DID I get to this place in my life?
As a kid, I never realized how unique of a childhood I had.
I grew up around handmade / homegrown "stuff." My dad was an amateur carpenter; my Godfather, a jeweler. My grandma sewed and did other various crafts. Therefore my home was furnished with furniture my dad built, my fingers in junior high and high school were adorned with bejeweled handmade silver rings, and my halloween costumes (made by my grandma) won awards year after year at my grandfather's local Elks lodge Halloween Bash - actually after winning three years in a row I was politely told I could no longer enter the contest.

And my grandfather grew so many things in their backyard; watermelon, squash, mini pumpkins, tomatoes (lots of tomatoes),  herbs, green beans, even a small pineapple! They also had many fruit trees - plum, fig, avocado, tangerine, a small peach tree, lemon and oranges. It sounds like they lived on a 5-acre farm, but in reality the backyard really wasn't all that big.  

Growing up, my family spent a lot of time in nature -- always camping (tents, cabins, trailers), road tripping, hiking. I even learned how to pan for gold in streams. I'm so grateful for those experiences and memories. 

Lisa Allen

meet the founder