Honey Belle | About

How did Honey Belle get started?

A couple years ago, my mom started developing skin allergies to department-brand products. My parents are both holistic doctors of natural medicine, so my mom started making her own creams and lotions for herself and her patients to treat their skin issues. Shortly after, I developed psoriasis.. I then became an ingredients-whore, and got OBSESSED with reading EVERYTHING on my beauty bottles. After shopping the natural + organic world, I realized everything was really expensive-- especially as a broke college student. So, with my mom's knowledge about herbs plus her first-hand dive into apothecary, I hit the kitchen!

Each of my products stem from a certain skin issue or skin complaint people deal with. From acne scarring, to blackheads, to uneven and blotchy complexion, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, chicken skin... I consult my team of holistic doctors (aka my mom, dad, and uncle) on their knowledge about herbs and traditional oriental medicine, and how certain plants and herbs can promote the healing and overall health of the skin.