The Hygiene Kit

Self-care. It's important. It's a necessity. 

And it shouldn't be a privilege. 

Feeling good & good hygiene go together like, you know, PB & J.

For those in situations of hardship or the unhoused, good hygiene & feeling good is a simple luxury most of us take for granted. 

A first thought was to create a 1:1 model for the Good Spark Goat Milk Soaps; One soap purchased, one donated to a homeless shelter.  After some research, it was discovered, while, soap donations are appreciated, hygiene kits were more in demand and more useful.

What goes into a Hygiene Kit?
- Toothpaste / Toothbrush
- Shampoo / Conditioner
- Deodorant
- Comb
- Lotion
- Tissue Pack
- Feminine Products or Shave Cream / Razor 
- Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap Bar
- Handcrafted Inspirational Card

Each kit costs around $12-$15, Including a mini backpack to hold the items


*Due to availability, final products may vary from what's shown.