Self-care. It's important.
It's a necessity. 
But it shouldn't be a privilege.

Not having enough money doesn't make anyone any less human.  

We all know feeling good & good hygiene go together like, you know, PB&J.

So, for those in challenging circumstances, good hygiene & feeling good is, more often than not, a simple luxury most of us take for granted.

We Are All One.
Hygiene Equality For All.

What goes into a Hygiene Kit?

Toothpaste / toothbrush, shampoo / conditioner, deodorant, comb or brush, lotion, tissues, feminine hygiene products and/or shave Cream and razor, handcrafted Goat Milk Soap Bar and handcrafted inspirational card.

Each kit costs around $7-8 depending on contents, including a mini backpack to hold the contents. 

*products in hygiene kit may vary from what is shown.

Basic self-care is access to good hygiene.
For many, especially the unhoused, basic hygiene is a luxury.

As of 2021, more than 326,000* people experienced
at least one night of sheltered homelessness in the United States.


As of January 2020, 161,548 people experienced homelessness in California. New York, a not so distant second, counted 91,271 homeless on any given night.**

In 2020, the homeless population in Los Angeles rose to 63,706 total sheltered and unsheltered - a 12.7% increase from the previous year. Due to a surge in Covid-19, the 2022 homeless point-in-time count has been post-poned.

In June 2022, there were 50,287 homeless people, including 15,866 homeless children, sleeping each night in New York City’s main municipal shelter system. A near-record 18,832 single adults slept in shelters each night in June 2022.†

Lack of affordable housing is cited a contributing factor to this growing crisis.



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