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Good Spark

Goat Milk Soap, Lavender Fields

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This soap smells like lavender and spring. Is that a real thing? It should be! 

Why is Goat Milk Awesome? Goat milk soothes, nourishes and hydrates and can even rejuvenate the skin, through gentle exfoliation. Great for soothing irritated and acne prone skin.

Organic natural ingredients are so versatile. Wash your skin, scalp and face with one bar and a rich luxurious lather.

• 100% Small Batch Handcrafted
• Cruelty-Free
• Plant-based Oils
• 4 oz (well, technically it's just under 5 oz but you know, our measuring system...)


Organic Saponified Oils (Olive, Coconut, Flaxseed), Shea butter, Fresh Goat Milk, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil


9" x 4" x .05"