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Lavender and Canvas

Sand And Ink Getaway Bag

Sand And Ink Getaway Bag

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The weekend is calling!
This stunning, and beautifully made, Sand And Ink Getaway Bag has got you covered for all your spontaneous - or planned - getaways. Easily accommodates
A perfect companion to a lovely day at the beach, the mountains or, even a picnic in the park.

• Made from sturdy yet lightweight cotton and lined with 10 oz canvas.
• Features premium saddle leather handles and straps that tan with wear and sun.
• Includes a fiberboard bottom for additional strength.
• Chrome feet prevent the bottom from ever directly touching the ground.
• 21” x 14” x 6”


Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Beetroot Powder, Orange Peel Powder


Packaging is made of paper and 100% recyclable.

How To Use

Use daily on hands, body and face.

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