3 Ways To Use Bath Salts Without A Bathtub

A tried and true piece of self-care and wellness advice is to take a good long bath filled with foaming bubbles while enjoying the aromatics and benefits of healing bath salts. 

But, what if you don't have a tub?

It is possible to enjoy the benefits of bath salts with these tips.

Bath salts are usually rich in essential oils (the good ones, anyway...like these lovely Calendula Moon Salts). Sprinkle some on the floor of your shower. As the hot water dissolves the salts your shower becomes a fragrant aromatherapy session. 

Never estimate the power of a good simple foot soak. Pour some salts into a basin filled with warm water. Let your feet soak for a good 10 or 15 minutes. While the salts work their magic, softening the skin, sit back with a magazine or book, your favorite podcast, or even a quick mini meditation session.
For added pampering follow-up with a DIY pedicure and your favorite polish. 

Scrubs are excellent ways to gently exfoliate the skin; sloughing off old, dead cells and making skin feel new and clean. Add a little bit of coconut or olive oil, enough to create a liquidy paste. Rub onto tired feet, elbows, hands, and gently massage into the skin 
 Salts can be abrasive so don't scrub too hard! A little touch goes a long way. 

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