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Good Spark

Good Spark Hygiene Kit

Good Spark Hygiene Kit

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Give the gift of clean, dignified hygiene for only $5* 

*Full transparency - as these are donation items .45 has been added to cover credit card transaction fees.  

One morning, as I waited in my car for a red traffic light to turn green, a tall, lanky man ambled across the street before me. His hair was rough and coppery-clay in color. His skin worn and a dark sun-baked hue. His clothing gritty. I had seen many a homeless person before, of course. I had not become immune to the crop of makeshift tents taking up residence in public spaces and pockets never before occupied. But this man, with his slow shuffle and empty expression caught my attention. He seemed utterly oblivious to the world he occupied, and in turn this world was clearly oblivious to him. He was a man discarded by us, our society, with nothing but the fraying threads on his body and splitting shoes on his feet. No one knows his story or how he got to where he is. Or how anyone ends up in that situation. But, these souls are all human, nevertheless. We are all human. Let's not forget that.

As the homeless population has visibly increased in my city of Los Angeles and beyond, I think about Good Spark's vision - Everyone everywhere, regardless of who they are or their economic situation in life, should have access to the basic self-care and wellness tools they need to feel good.

That's where the need for Good Spark's Hygiene Kit's come in...

The Good Spark curated Hygiene Kit includes:

• Toothbrush & Toothpaste

• Shampoo & Conditioner 

• Deodorant 

• Comb

• Shave Gel or cream & Razor

• Lotion

• Tissue

• Travel Size Handmade Goat Milk Soap Bar

• Affirmation Card

• Drawstring Vinyl Backpack

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