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Migraine Therapy Eye Pillow - Rainbow Hill

Migraine Therapy Eye Pillow - Rainbow Hill

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Melt away tension, find relief from migraines, soothe tired eyes. 
Use these gently weighted eye pillows as a great addition to your mediation practice. 

Designed with your well-being in mind, this eye pillow is handmade with 100% cotton and linen fiber and filled with natural lentils.

Intentionally made unscented and without straps for greater comfort and relief.

Can be applied warm or cold and work wonders for pain. 

Note; this is not a sleep mask or intended for sleeping.

• Handmade in Austin, Texas
• Unscented
• Made with 100% natural materials; cotton, linen, lentils
• Recyclable cardboard packaging
• Dimensions: 9" x 4" x .05"


Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Beetroot Powder, Orange Peel Powder


Packaging is made of paper and 100% recyclable.

How To Use

Use daily on hands, body and face.

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