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Detox and Soak Gift Set

Detox and Soak Gift Set

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Long day? Kids screaming? Boss nagging? We feel you. Life can get heavy. 
Light a candle, slough  You'll melt into a relaxed prune by the time you want to leave the tub this stuff is so good.  Feel like you need a detox? Suds up with detoxifying clays and slough off the old and feel the glow of new with the Etta + Billie Sea Salt Scrub.

Set Includes:
EVEN KEEL Calendula Moon Bath Salts // 9 oz.  Filled with healing aromatics and healing salts, the Calendula Moon Salts takes relaxing baths to another level. Calendula, another name for Marigold,  aids in reducing skin inflammations and helping to heal various skin ailments. 

EVEN KEEL Brine Elixir Salt Detox Soap // 3 oz.  Drawing on the healing properties of sea salt's high mineral content and detoxifying clays, this bar offers a rejuvenating and refreshing body cleanse. 

ETTA + BILLIE Mint Coffee Sea Salt Scrub // 4.15 oz. Made from a unique combination of Pacific Ocean sea salts, organic cocoa butter, and organic shea butter, this scrub provides the exfoliating properties of a traditional scrub in an easy-to-use solid bar. Because this scrub stays solid until it comes in contact with warm water and warm skin, you get more direct exfoliation and less scrub on your shower floor.

WAX APOTHECARY Lavender Candle // 4 oz. Hand-poured plant based wax. This candle is the real deal! You'll feel as if you're in the middle of a lavender field when you light up this candle. Real dried lavender blossoms are blended into the wax and visible at the surface. 

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