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Even Keel

Terrazzo General Soap Bar

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Fresh and little funky, but delightfully speckled and wonderfully fragranced! 
Now this is a unique bar of soap. Seriously, have you ever seen a speckled soap bar?

What makes it so speckley (it's a word!)?
An amazing variety of clays give this bar its fun, almost celebratory look (and by celebratory; "hey! Let's celebrate, I got out of bed and made into the shower!").
So, jazz up that boring shower shelf with this Terrazzo Soap bar.

Why, because it's awesome, and gentle enough for the face, but is also a refreshing everyday body wash soap.

• Vegan
• Cruelty Free
• No Preservatives
• Soap is biodegradable 
• Packaging is recyclable 
• 3 oz


Moroccan Red Clay, Rose Clay, Dead Sea Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Kaolin Clay, Essential Oils of Lavender, Clove, Lemon, Patchouli, Saponified Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil infused with Calendula, Palm Oil*, Activated Charcoal, Filtered water.
*Sustainable/ Fair Trade/ RSPO certified Palm Oil and Coconut oil.


9" x 4" x .05"